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Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Micks Mattress Cleaning Adelaide – Dust Mite Treatment, Urine, and Sweat Stain Removal, Anti-Allergen Treatment & Steam Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning the mattress alone at home is not at all an easy task. Here at Micks Mattress Cleaning, we are the best mattress cleaners and a team of Mattress Cleaning Adelaide staff who are capable of doing all the mattress cleaning services. Hence do not worry about your mattress, better sleep, Dust Mite Treatment, Urine And Sweat Stain Removal, Anti-Allergen Treatment & Steam Cleaning Solutions.

Moreover, the mattress cleaning Adelaide price we ask for is very less. Our professional mattress cleaners help to clean the mattress deeply. We can eliminate dust particles, moulds, stains, odours, and bacteria that grow in a mattress. In addition to that, we are available round the clock to take your reservations. Hence do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Simply ring us at (08) 7228 0253, and we will be right there for you.

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    Various Types Of Mattresses We Clean In Adelaide

    In Adelaide, we are one of the finest mattress cleaning service providers. Our mattress cleaners have years of experience in cleaning different types of mattresses. Here is the list of different types of mattresses we clean:

    Single mattress

    As the name suggests it is for single-person use. We effectively clean your mattress with safe mattress cleaning solutions. We even have a mattress stain removal expert who vanishes the dark spots from your mattress.

    Double mattress

    We deep clean the mattress while cleaning your double-sized mattress. This helps to eliminate all the bad sure from your mattress. Leaving it fresh and looking new.


    This is really a big-size mattress. Therefore it is difficult to clean. That is why our professionals clean up your mattress. We use the latest protocols to clean your mattress effectively.

    Baby Cot

    Since baby cots are meant for babies they must be kept clean. Hence we offer you a dust mite sanitisation service along with mattress cleaning. We can also remove bad odours and smells from baby cot mattresses.

    Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

    What Is The Need For Cleaning Mattress?

    A mattress is susceptible to the accumulation of dust, pollen, and dirt on a regular basis. Thus to maintain the good hygiene of the mattress, it is important to clean the mattress on the regular basis. Here are some more reasons why mattress cleaning is needed whether DIY regular cleaning or professional cleaning.

    • Harmful microorganisms hide in the mattress, cleaning can remove them.
    • Your mattress can be the residing place for thousands of mattress bed bugs if it is not cleaned regularly. Therefore a proper cleaning is necessary.
    • To upkeep your mattress, deep cleaning is required on a regular basis. This removes the stains and bad odour from your mattresses.
    • Cleaning helps to prevent diseases. Hence it is advised to professionally clean the mattress once every six months.
    • Cleaning can keep your mattresses dirt and stain-free.

    Our Professionals And Their Qualities That Support Good Cleaning Of Your Mattress

    Your mattress will only get better as a result of all the mattress cleaning services we provide. As a result, people across Adelaide benefit from our services. Here are some qualities of our professionals that support good cleaning of your mattress. 

    • IICRC-certified and affordable mattress cleaners.
    • Our team gives effective service with safety standards.
    • Our cleaners always use the safest approach.
    • Your mattress’s good health is our expert’s priority.
    • Expertise in cleaning all types of mattresses with Scotchgard Mattress Stain Protection.
    • Our experts have the best hands for mattress stain removal.
    • Expertise in using the most cutting-edge tools and the finest steam cleaning solutions.
    • Timely, friendly, and supportive in all aspects.
    Mattress Cleaning Service Adelaide

    Professional Assistance We Provide For Your Mattress Cleaning In Adelaide

    The mattress cleaning services we provide are phenomenal. We take care of every safety measure while cleaning your mattress. To make sure that your mattress is in the right state, we only employ safe mattress cleaning solutions. The following are the services we provide:

    Mattress Sanitisation

    After washing your mattress, we never fail to sanitise it. Mattress sanitisation is a very important step of your mattress cleaning service. Since there are various harmful bacteria residing inside it. It makes the mattress hygienic and comfortable for good sleep. With our great mattress cleaning expertise in Adelaide, our clients like our unmatched mattress cleaning service in Adelaide. Our capacity to provide reliable and safe service has kept us on top.

    Mattress Mould Removal Service

    If you see mould on the mattress and want urgent treatment for it, then we are the right one to call. Mould growth is frequent when there is moisture. But we have a brilliant team to remove mould and even bad odour. It can be harmful and cause a lot of allergic problems. Thus call for our mattress cleaner Adelaide right now. We will offer you a wonderful mattress cleaning service on the same day.

    Mattress Stain Removal

    Our team is reliable to give the best stain removal service. After our service, there will not be even a single spot left. We have the most effective solution to remove pee, urine, vomit, blood, sweat, and food spots. If you have small kids in your home then urine stains are common. To simply eliminate the stain from the mattress, we use the best anti-stain treatment. We also take care of the smell, deodorizing and sterilizing the mattress after we remove the pee stain.

    Mattress Dry Cleaning

    The fastest and most efficient cleaning technique is considered to be the dry cleaning approach. Our mattress cleaner Adelaide professionals that specialize in mattress cleaning also provide this procedure. Our experts exclusively use trusted and safe cleaning solutions for mattress dry cleaning. Hence call us as soon as possible to get your mattress dry cleaning service. We can significantly transform your mattresses.

    Mattress Steam Cleaning

    For better aesthetics and removal of urine and sweat stains, our professionals provide steam cleaning services. Our team provides same-day mattress steam cleaning services. All the services that we offer are of premium quality. Our customer care team is available 24/7, therefore you can have a hassle-free mattress cleaning booking experience. All the cleaners in our team are competent and skilled to complete the steam cleaning process.

    Mattress Antibacterial Treatment

    The use of mattress anti-bacterial solution is essential in addition to cleaning. If you choose to lie on a dirty mattress, then you run the chance of getting sick at any time. High-end treatments are used by us to clean your mattress and turn it into a comfortable and secure sleeping surface. We have a specially trained team to offer Mattress Antibacterial Treatment. The tools and equipment that we use for steam cleaning and Mattress Antibacterial Treatment are safe.

    Mattress Anti-Allergic Treatment

    Every home with a mattress is prone to dust and mites that in turn make you suffer symptoms of allergy and asthma, also skin irritations and sinusitis. If pet allergens and dust mites on your mattress are not removed with mattress anti-allergic treatment, the situation becomes chronic. Chronic in the sense that those illnesses don’t leave you for life or are sometimes life-threatening. However, this complete situation can be reversed if you avail of our mattress cleaning service that offers anti-allergic treatment. With this, you get the feeling of relief and also the chance of being away from allergies as well as symptoms.

    Mattress Dust Mite Treatment

    Dust mites in mattresses pose major health hazards. These microorganisms excrete enzymes that lead to allergic reactions like sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, skin rashes, and other problems as well. Dust mites do not bite, but they burrow in the depth of your skin. If you want to keep the surroundings healthy and hygienic, make sure to call the professionals and ask them for mattress dust mite treatment. Before the dust mites leave a hazardous and very bad impact on your body, it is better you take the required treatment prior.

    Same Day Mattress Cleaning

    One of the main parameters of physical and mental health is healthy sleep and to attain this timely mattress cleaning service is a must. In fact, in the absence of regular mattress cleaning, your mattress becomes the breeding ground of not just mould but also allergens. However, you can also avail our mattress stain removal expert help if your mattress needs one. Moreover, Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide is one of our best specialisations. With Professional Mattress Cleaning Adelaide experts like us, your mattress restores to its healthy and former glory within a day.

    Our Step Wise Protocol For Mattress Cleaning Service In Adelaide

    Our Mattress Cleaning Adelaide team is educated and highly professional to clean your mattress. We have a unique method to clean your mattress. Here is the process we follow.

    Mattress Inspection


    We begin by examining your mattress with care. This ensures us about how dirty is your mattress and what treatment must be given. So we make ready all the equipment and solutions.



    All the dust and dirt are picked up by the vacuum in this process. It is the step that prepares a mattress for deep cleaning procedures without any mess.


    Cleaning And Stain Removal

    Our Mattress Cleaning Adelaide cleaners start with cleaning the mattress with scrubbers and safe cleaning solutions. The best approach for cleaning the mattress is steam cleaning. This helps to deeply clean the mattress and also kills the bacteria.


    Mattress Drying

    After the completion of mattress cleaning, we go for mattress drying with the help of a modern dryer. This assures that no moisture is left behind. This step saves your mattresses from moulds and bad odours in the future.


    Sanitisation And Deodorisation

    Lastly, we perform mattress sanitisation and deodorisation. Sanitisations kill all the harmful bacteria and deodorisation helps to remove the bad smell.

    Same-Day Mattress Cleaning Services In Adelaide

    Get Convenient Same-Day Mattress Cleaning Services In Adelaide Right Now!

    Our Mattress Cleaning Adelaide team is a devoted group of professionals. So, if you are searching for same-day mattress cleaning in Adelaide, there is no reason to look anymore. Since we now provide same day mattress cleaning services. You must first schedule a prompt appointment with us and correctly describe the circumstances. Second, our staff will reach your location within a few hours and provide you with the top mattress cleaning services. Mattress Cleaning Protect Your Investment which you spent on your expensive mattresses.

    Our clientele gives our mattress cleaning services great reviews. All of the services we provide are offered at extremely affordable rates to make them easy on your wallet. Contact us to receive our services with early access.

    Why Do People Want to Hire Adelaide Mattress Cleaning Experts From Here?

    Hiring mattress cleaners like us has several benefits. And there are a number of drawbacks to cleaning the mattress on your own. Here are some benefits of hiring mattress cleaning specialists from Micks.

    • Our mattress cleaning Adelaide professionals are well-known for their actions in all spheres of their job.
    • We have everything needed to thoroughly deep clean your mattress.
    • Our team is aware of the best cleaning agent and technique for your particular type of mattress. This prevents the possibility of cleaning mistakes.
    • We are capable of removing any kind of stain. Also, we do it utilising organic solutions.
    • We ensure that all bacteria and germs will be completely eliminated, leaving your mattress healthy.
    • Affordable same-day mattress cleaning services are available.
    • With no extra fee, we offer the best quotations.
    • Trustworthy mattress cleaners are on our team.
    • We maintain clarity with pricing and have no hidden charges.
    Mattress Cleaning Adelaide After Before

    Things We Love About Flinders Street, Adelaide

    Flinders Street in Adelaide, Australia has been nicknamed ‘The Paris of the South.’ It is a famous street in the country’s capital and is lined with many famous buildings. Flinders Street is home to the State Parliament, the University of Adelaide, and several banks and government offices. It’s also a great place to window shop or grabs a bite to eat.

    The northern end of Flinders Street is known as Central and is home to many banks and government offices. Here you’ll find the iconic Bank of Adelaide building, which was completed in 1930. The building has several murals inside and is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. The street also has several other office buildings that are home to government offices, such as the Chief Commonwealth Bank. Plus, there are plenty of shops and restaurants lining both sides of this famous street.

    Micks Mattress Cleaning Flinders Street Adelaide

    We Can Particularly Enhance The Health Of Your Mattress

    We take care of your mattresses very delicately. With customised solutions, we remove all the dust mites, stains, and germs from the mattress, adding more years to its lifespan. Our crew members are professionally trained and can conveniently clean different types of mattresses as per their fabrics.

    As a complementary service, we spray non-toxic sanitiser to eliminate 100% germ and disease-causing bacteria, enhancing hygiene inside your premises.

    Our doors are open for you 24/7 and our executives respond to your calls and queries on the same business day. To experience exceptional mattress cleaning services in Adelaide, you can get in touch with us today.

    How Do Dust Mites In Mattresses Impact Human Health?

    • Smaller than a sand grain, dust mites that live in the mattresses are 70% responsible for your unexplained allergies.
    • The microscopic pest can trigger asthma attacks, runny noses, watery eyes, and skin rashes.
    • On top of that, dust mites tend to feed on your skin cells.

    With our foolproof mattress dust mites treatment in Adelaide, you can make your mattresses dust-mite-free right away!

    Mattress Cleaning Chemicals And Equipment Used By Our Experts

    We employ various mattress cleaning products and tools. It includes Anti-Allergen PreSpray, Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer, Allergy Relief Treatment, Anti-Allergen Deodorizer, steam cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, dust extractors, and more. For serious cleaning results, the use of these chemicals and equipment is very necessary.

    Micks Mattress Cleaning Adelaide's Van

    Micks Is Verified Adelaide Mattress Cleaning Professionals


    75 Flinders St, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia

    (08) 7228 0253

    Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

    Costumers Rating (102)


    The cleaners were patient and understanding

    This mattress Cleaning Adelaide team provided outstanding service from the beginning. They responded on the same day I submitted my enquiry regarding the service. Moreover, the cleaners primarily inspected the mattress and suggested a few cleaning methods to choose from. Importantly the cleaners were patient and understanding too! Thank you, guys.
    - Oliver

    Amazing service!

    This mattress cleaning Adelaide service is famous for its professionalism in this area. Our mattresses are pristine, clean and sterile. We feel safe while sleeping in it because of them. I will highly recommend this service to anyone out there who is looking for a mattress cleaning service.
    - Christine

    Exceeded my expectations

    This was my first time calling a professional mattress cleaning Adelaide service. Let me tell you that they exceeded my expectations! The cleaner was so kind and professional, and also explained the procedure he was going to follow in detail. He took all the precautions for my kids. Wore gloves and mask, also did the cleaning work very neatly. Highly recommended!
    - Susan

    Micks Mattress Cleaning is Available in All of Adelaide’s Suburbs

    Holding our roots in the mattress cleaning industry for more than 26 years, we are proudly serving the people in and around Adelaide with our flawless mattress cleaning services. We serve top suburbs in Adelaide including Prospect, Salisbury, Glenelg, Bowden, and Kensington. Our services are reasonable and offer a long-lasting result.


    Micks Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
    Location: 75 Flinders St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
    Call 08 7228 0253 for Mattress Cleaning Expert


    Depending on the kind of mattress you have and its use, you can decide the frequency of cleaning your mattress. Additionally, it is suggested that you clean the mattress once or twice a year.

    We provide quick and easy quotations for cleaning mattresses. Simply give our customer service a call, and we can reach your given address within an hour of booking.

    Yes, a mattress can be cleaned properly. Our professionals are highly skilled and provide our clients with the greatest cleaning outcomes. Professional mattress sanitization or deodorization is performed using powerful yet environmentally safe cleaning agents.

    Yes, professional mattress cleaning is worth it. You can realize this better when you will get a professional service. All mattress cleaning problems that might be seeming difficult will get easy with professionals.

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