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What Are Methods To Remove Grease From Your Expensive Mattress

The mattress easily absorbs dead skin cells, hair, body odor, and sweat through the sheets. These particles accumulate on the bed and it’s important to remove them timely. So, follow the proper Methods to remove grease From your mattress and give the mattress a completely new look. It is very important to protect your mattress and give it a completely new look. 

Remove Grease From Your Expensive Mattress
  • Strip the bed and wash the bedding

When you are cleaning your mattress it is important to clean the sheets, pillowcase, and mattress covers. Get rid of dirt and dust mites by washing all the bedding in hot water. Clean the mattress after checking its material and choose the Mattress Cleaning Adelaide.

  • Vacuum the mattress

With the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the entire surface of the mattress. Pay attention to the hidden grease surface on the mattress and try to remove it completely.

  • Use a stain remover to spot clean

Get the stains out from the mattress with the help of a spot cleaning. Avoid applying a cleaning solution directly to the mattress. Follow proper safety measures for Methods to remove grease From your mattress. Choose the stain remover according to the mattress and stain type. Take a white cloth and spray a cleaner on it then blot the stained area with the help of a cloth. Until the stain lifts, you need to continue the blotting. Make sure you use little product and moisture. This is an ideal method to remove grease From your mattress. 

  • Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress

 One of the best things to remove grease from the mattress is to sprinkle baking soda if you are unable to put your mattress in the sun and fresh air. Once you sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress you need to wait for some time because baking soda will absorb the moisture and odor. This will also help to break down acid. Let the light and sunshine come inside as the mattress sits with baking soda. Remove all the mold and bacteria on the mattress with the sun’s UV rays. 

  • Use the vacuum again

Once you notice that baking soda starts working, use a vacuum cleaner again. This will give a fresh start to your mattress.

  • Flip the mattress

At last, flip the mattress and repeat steps 1-5 again. It’s important to do flipping after a regular interval. It is highly recommended to clean your mattress every three months. 

  • Protect the mattress

Once you come to know the Methods to remove grease From your mattress, you need to protect them. When you are done with all steps use a mattress protector to cover your mattress. This will also save your mattress from future cleaning and also save from spills and dirt in the future.


Methods to remove grease from your mattress will extend the life of your mattress. So, follow the proper steps to deep clean your mattress and tips to protect the mattress from any issues. Eliminate the mattress odor with fresh air and sunshine. Before you replace the mattress pad, sheets, and cover it’s important to cool down the mattress.  Make an appointment with our professionals.

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