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7 Annoying Health Side Effects of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

You spend most of your time on your mattresses or you can say they’re a necessity for your living. Whether you’re sleeping on it or eating or working for that matter, mattresses are your comfort zone. It is indeed your safe space. Further, mattresses are responsible for making your mood lift or the other way around the kind of sleep you have on them. Good sleep can reap a productive and fruitful day. Sadly, uncleaned or unkept mattresses can affect your health adversely. In this blog, you will find 7 side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Side Effects of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

Here are 7 Side Effects of Sleeping on A Bad Mattress:

Constantly Feeling Tired

A bad-quality mattress won’t give you the amount and quality of sleep you require. Lack of sleep due to this can affect your upcoming day. Drowsiness won’t let you use your concentration power to the fullest. This can also cause a hindrance in your job which can come off as very unprofessional.

Slight Memory Loss

It is scientifically proven that lack of sleep causes memory loss. Memory loss is more prominent in the elderly but memory loss due to lack of sleep can affect the younger generation too. It is a trend to sleep after 1 am nowadays and this generation works more and sleeps less. Less amount is sleep and that too on a bad mattress is the reason for many kinds of health problems like memory loss.

Soreness In The Body

Firm, dirty and bumpy mattresses are the roots of constant aches in your joints. Firm mattresses are marketed by companies as being great for your body posture but that’s not true. The reality is that they’re terrible for your joints and softer mattresses should be preferred over them. Even though some people prefer firm and bouncy beds, no doubt, the joint pain they cause can be a problem in the long term.

Cause of Irritation In Respiratory Tracts

Old mattresses gather dirt and dust over time. There’s a high chance you might forget to get your mattress cleaned and this can be a major reason for your allergies to surface. When you sleep on a bed filled with dirt and dust you inhale all of those foreign particles and allergens. Now, these antigens will irritate your respiratory tract and its effects would be sneezing, coughing, migraine etc. Old mattresses are also home to dust mites. These dust mites live off of the flakes of your shredded skin cells and with a source of food, they start breeding. These dust mites are known to cause skin problems like eczema.

Heart Problems

Not getting enough sleep or good sleep on dirty mattresses has harmful effects on your cardiac cycle. It has been scientifically proven that poor sleep can lead to heart-related issues. There is a very high chance of people getting a stroke during their sleep. Good sleep releases dopamine, & serotonin. Also releases your entire day’s stress but poor sleep will increase the amount of stress & strain.


Lack of sleep ruins your sleep schedule. This in turn affects your appetite. People who are unable to sleep on mattresses affected by bed bugs at night pass their time by eating and satisfying their midnight cravings. Eating the right food according to your biological cycle is very important. Obesity or malnutrition is one of the major side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Effects On Your Face

Dirty bedding can directly affect your face, you can get pimples and bruises. Further, a messed-up sleep schedule or lack of sleep affects your face more than you think. Dark circles and eye bags are the most prominent symptoms of not getting enough sleep. This darkened, black area around your eyes with puffy eye bags will make you look older than you are actually. Your face will also look paler and drowsy after constantly sleeping on poorly kept mattresses, which won’t be beneficial for you at your workplace.

These were the 7 main side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress. This is why it is recommended to clean or change your mattress if it is too old or you can go for hiring a cleaning service. Most people prefer calling a professional for mattress cleaning in Adelaide. Mattress cleaners will get the process done in time and will also advise you on how to maintain it and in what amount of time. You can also invest in a mattress cover and comfortable pillows for a good and comfortable sleep.


Better sleep is a very necessary part of your life. You need it for energy and while sleeping your body also releases waste. As mentioned above, lack of sleep will cause many health problems not just for you but for your family members too. Your and your family’s health is always at the topmost priority so changing a mattress or getting it cleaned is the way to avoid getting health problems. Hopefully, these side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress helped you understand the need for regular mattress cleaning by experts.

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